Acer W500 Win Tablet

The Acer Iconia W500 tablet comes with a 1 Ghz AMD processor, its dimensions are 10.83 (w) x 7.48 (d) x 0.63 (h) inches and weighs 2.14 lbs. Battery life is rated for 4-6 hours. It has a HDMI slot , ethernet port, 32GB SSD, 2 USB ports and comes with a keyboard/dock that includes a hand writing interface that works with your finger or pen. It’s integrated GPU is the DirectX 11 capable AMD 6250. Windows 7/8. Review here:




There is a company called “decalgirl” ( that makes “Skins” for the Acer w500. There is a large variety to choose from (and I assume they include desktop backgrounds to match). At $20, they are a steal and truly give you a unique looking machine.

Drivers/Windows 8

If you attempt to install Windows 8 consumer preview, keep in mind that you may need to reinstall some drivers. There are 32 bit drivers at the support site (all of which may not work under windows 8) and the company may release Windows 8 64 drivers when Microsoft officially releases the Operating System.

Acer Iconia w500 Tab Support/Drivers Page


5 thoughts on “Acer W500 Win Tablet

  1. neopangaia says:

    The keyboard came.. it was used and more than 2/3 off the price but missing the litter eraser nub that serves as a mouse of sorts on the dock/keyboard .. i will admit i got tired of them since ive been using them on IBM laptops from the nineties… i have a spare optical mouse around.. big and comfortable and bulky..

    ill feel better when the actual computer appears.. should be any day now.. unfortunately.. there is no accelerometer if i switch to windows 8.. so im stuck with windows seven until the 8 official release perhaps.

  2. neopangaia says:

    I’m trying to install 8 on my new w500 and realized I don’t know how to boot off the USB. Is there a magic key combo to get me a boot drive menu?

    EDIT: scratch that, answered my own question. Accessed the bios by holding start+power when rebooting, then hitting F12 after the cursor appears in the top left corner. Installing Windows 8 now, lets hope this goes well!

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