Films and Virtual Reality

What happens when you mix mythology, sci-fi, and fantasy in combat? What happens when you try to have AI and rules that can lead to cinematic situations? Deeper adult themes possible if there is more detail given to the cinematic action BETWEEN normal interaction?

Gentleman Prefer Blondes Trailer (comedy, love story, lighter themes possible?)

Footage from Transformers (Keith Carunida Editor/NOISIA music). Interactive cinematic combat?

“Shivers” (dir. David Cronenberg) is a perfect Lovecraftian example of alternate zombies

My favorite scene from Videodrome (and one hard to duplicate with systems/AI)

David Cronenberg Introducing “Videodrome”

Interviews for Videodrome

Trailer for “Videodrome” (David Cronenberg, Director)

Vampire Hunter D

Salo or 120 Days of Sodom

Judge Dredd (perhaps an example in more ways than one)


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