Bullet Physics/OGRE/Gamekit/++

UMMO Game Engine: The programming lead (keeperX) chose OGRE engine, connected to Bullet Physics (created by Erwin Coumans) by the GameKit/OgreKit framework.

Fully proland algorithm compatible, i hope…

Re: Ogitor or OgreKit

Postby ecoumans » Tue Oct 05, 2010 11:44 pm

Rowindor wrote:I used Blender years ago and liked it a lot. It’s my understanding that OgreKit can read Blender files with no need to export. But if you’re using Blender as the level-editor, then what does OgreKit do? And if you work on a level with OgreKit, does it save your changes back to the Blender file?

OgreKit combines several open source projects into a game engine and adds .blend reading capabilities. So if you are using Blender to create assets and as level editor, you don’t need another level editor. In a nutshell, OgreKit will convert the data from a .blend file as follows:

  • graphics -> Ogre (triangle meshes, textures, cameras, lights, skeletal animation etc)
  • physics -> Bullet
  • audio -> OpenAL
  • scripts -> Lua

You can write the game using OgreKit either from scratch in C++, using Lua scripting or using game logic nodes. This is all work-in-progress and your feedback is appreciated.

Brutal, what did you find confusing of OgreKit? It would be good to clarify things in the wiki.


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