VR > glort n gnort

VR allows an alternate reality more entertaining than our own and stitched together more like humor than hard sci-fi. A world where, even as we struggle to figure out our reality, decisions are being made for us.

glort: there is one emanation humans have deadened in their metaphysical sphere..they say they strive to be in harmony with earth, buT they do not even emanate the full spectrum of their own housecats. why is this?
gnort: they have attributed the female emanations to a word called “evil”

glort: well they should desist in this foolishness, or be annihilated. their earth has sent a distress signal alerting the entire universe that their leaders are not practising this “evil” properly.

gnort: they have slain all the universal ambassadors of harmonic frequency generation

glort: ok, tell me this brilliant strategem of the humans then

gnort: they called our deathless ones angels at first, but devils later, giants after that, and finally vampires when they ran out of titles.

glort: and, this tells me nothing

gnort: they killed them all sir

glort: wait, you mean our ambassadors to earth, to teach them how to emanate upon all frequencies and achieve deathlessness were… killed?

gnort: yes sir

glort: we will wait at the borders of their awareness then, halt all descent maneuvers! instruct new beings assigned experience “earth” to remove spiritual and past life delimiters. reset is required, third one already in this batch of humans. and yet it was they who eradicated all previous model humans. i believe they call this “fear of success”. a reset with maximum prejudice, their buildings will take the nanobots centuries to remove traces of.

gnort: there is an expression for that sir

glort: what is it?

gnort: “Shit just got real”


One thought on “VR > glort n gnort

  1. neo says:

    i just noticed how closely this mirrors the recent plot of the film “prometheus” .. i love when the things that inspire me are retroactively in my perception, the inverse.. saves me money on psychedelics.

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