DCUO – “The Book”

[DC Universe Online Guide]. I have rapidly playtested several MMORPGs from the year 2005, when full-time preproduction on the UMMO project began. DCUO is current and last. (ugh.. means either Skyrrim or Witcher 2 next)
The primary beneficiaries of that were World of Warcraft and Ragnarok Online.  Warcraft is the most popular MMORPG on Earth. Ragnarok Online has many unique features and an anime influenced art-style.

The three fictional universes that most influence the detail level of this one are probably “Star Wars”, “The Marvel Universe” and  “The Dollars Trilogy” (as well as the various worlds of mythology and Lovecraft).

These are not the most detailed fictional universes. They seem to work very well to support the sort of random cinematic experiences that mark mythology and the sort of virtual reality I am aiming to build.

As far as games, I am currently play-testing DC Universe Online. It has superheroes of a sort and lots of real world looking architecture (which is really influencing my decision to go for an alien landscape on our fair Earth instead of a rehashed version of this style of architecture… )

I want something much more dreamlike, somehow.. and need a bit more time to figure out what that will be..

In any event, here is a decent guide to that game (I am on PC, not PS3)


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