words these ones right here are the all of me.. these little lines
the time it took to write them was the total amount of time
my brain was not on autopilot
these words are the crack in my jail cell of a mind
these words are the all of thought for today
beyond the everything and every subject needed just to
make them real to give them depth
to be their pedigree
and resume of experience and constant knowledge
a window on the feeling
the memory of holding you even as i want more of your
that heart that mind that soul
elusive terms.. a scientist
i want more of your AWARENESS, your cognitive thought processes,
the imagery of your dream as you fall into the ecstasy found only in dream
give me more of your day to day thought that this be the
hand the cock the lips the tongue you dream to OWN to fuck to rape to taste you
always and evermore til last gasp escape your lips to my waiting ears
wanting to hear you scream i drive deeper
wanting to taste your love i slice deeper
red and wet on my tongue as teeth bite deep
upon your neck
these fingers squeeze
hips so tight there might be a bruise
this flesh you feel
you know you will
feel it til you die
a motor running
your hands upon the wheel
your mind you ask for more
and you get more
you ask for longer harder deeper redder wetter angrier
more loving
and thats what you get
i am that moment in time
i am only an architect as well
the cpu of a machine a drone panther
stalking you
i am that desire
to feel
i am the feeling
deep so deep inside
you to be free to be a slave to have a mind filled with wonder
to be mindless
thoughtless only feeling
and hunger for more floating
in a sea of heat
i am nothing more than that
these words
that are shaped from letters
each letter in a million other words that
impart possess manifest are the manufacture
of all the million thoughts
we have as a race
i am not those thoughts
i am the expression action
the boring interlude the preparation
the attack
the devastation
the oblivion
of all but life and feeling
i am that
and that means to be alive
with two sets of eyes
two hearts
both screaming with hate and love calm and insanity
and til then
i am this prison of words exploding my only
lifesblood on the screen
and nothing more
but mask and recital scripture as all thoughts are
for all is script and rote program
if just words
i am forever
and til doomsday come
it is just a word
the word itself
the Word
is me.. craving to spill into you and erase everything there and fill it up
with that burning power
as soon as i know for sure youre in my hands..
never leaving, hungry for only forever
no need to worry for frightening
you off with this true face of lust
i can stop hiding myself from everyone..
including myself.. i thirst for that freedom
to know who i really am when i have nothing to lose
because i have everything i need to survive in my hands


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