it is your mind more than any mark that makes your body mine completely.. the marking of the flesh starts that process..
i cant wait to take you deep
as i trace lines with a razor down your skin
drink deep that blood as i fuck you harder and deeper
and as i stretch your pussy wide your skin opens up and cums in blood for my tongue and you’ll feel my lust grow as i thicken
a hand around your neck grabbing tighter
feel the breath stop cold and know your mine to live to die to have
that blade deeper still
writing forever in your skin and lust and love and slut and bride
i pull your hair and pull back delighting in the pain
and drive harder deeper til you scream

my bloody fingers slide across your scar

twist your head to the side.. hands gripping cheek so hard the skin jolts pressed flesh to bone
and drive my tongue deep and you can see the word in my eyes
mine forever mine
and taste that blood on your tongue
only when i touch yoru flesh and feel the hunger to dream that vision forever will i make it true
to cut to mark to drink deep your liquid life
youll know as you drink my flesh my heat my fluids down your tongue
that my lust is only a gift in exchange for you beign mine
to cut to hurt to rape
is a gift i share only then
so as i talk and think and say to do those things
that is just a down payment on the mind the soul
the every moment you need to hear me know you take me in your life…. i repay with a cut a thirst for your blood a craving for every day new inches  of lines to mark that flesh once yours now mine forever my words each day as that cut marks my soul permanently binding you to my lust
after i’ve already raped and pillaged constantly
until our days and nights are simply thoughts
art feelings and sensations
memories of yesterdays action
in the marks of today


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