inner demons

to be perfectly frank..
im sorta emotionless
or to be honest.. internally i am set on “output” which means “love” all the time
my whole life and every word i say except a few is some sort of “autopilot” i employ to avoid termination, detection, or just becoming the
near catatonic zombie i was before i created the subroutine

im a machine
every moment

i engineered myself to do certain things
that certain archetypes
would do it they existed

i rebel at times

like the time i charged and tried to tackle a cop as hes pointing his gun at me
with heightened senses (i love controlling adrenalin output) i saw
in slow motion
his finger pull the trigger

damnit Paudi
my lighting man irish
tackled me before the shot could go off
crisis averted

i miss doing shrooms while fucking

the best i could do
beast machine
was to explore something that was emotional

when you see me
im holding your inner demons
wriggling black monstrosities
in a par of tweezers and stare at them
while we talk
or im doing something else

and when i know its safe
i open wide and swallow one
like spinach for popeye
and show you what it feels like
to be devoured by your own inner demons

addictive actually
dangerously so
im in withdrawal right this very second



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