Westwood – Wu Tang

amazing freestyle (with lyrics) from 2011 when a few of the wu visit tim westwood of bbc radio1

Westwood – Wu Tang *HOT* freestyle
June 15, 2011

Lyrics Below (am editing still)

get em
big meth
u god
masta killer
allah math

you already know how we get it in
wu tang forever baby we bout to go down

yeah yeah yea uh
yeha yeah yea uh
meth check the verse
no curses yo

still livin by the code
too many pretty women
still livin by the yo yo
heh heh yeah yeah
here we go
no curses yo check the joint

im just tryin to get a meal
when i started rhymin
wasnt tryin to get a deal
i was tryin to get a veal

homicide housin
bodies lyin in the hill
man aint nuttin when we dyin
in the field

especially when
im tryin to pay the bills
a lot a yawll relyin on the steel
and see the court denyin your appeal
if yaw’ll dont know
you better know its real
if it work like a workshop
better know the drill

im past childish games
yawll just tryin to take me outta my game
and call my black women outta they names
im seriou stay outta my brain
understand that my slang’s fast and furious
stay outta my lane

boy im hot
kids be callin me blaze
in the industry im not
they be callin me slave
i aint tryin to burn the spot
but im set in my ways
im just a product of the block
and the city im raised
uh huh

im still livin by the code
too many pretty women
still livin by the stroll
daddy pimpin em for dough

early in the mornin
cops kickin in the do(or)
man, i think somebody’s snitchin
on the low

i caught my father
sniffin on that snow
thats when he tried to tell me
“things are different than befo(re),
kids don’t listen anymo(re)”

that’s fo(r) sho(sure)
we used to ask permission from our fo(lks)
aint no food in the kitchen
cause we broke

and i aint tryin to miss another meal
cause love’ll get you killed
and if it dont
your baby mother will
but yaw’ll aint recognizin that its real
til that other couple pull a shield
and now its kinda late to cut a deal

so i aint gotta tell you how i feel
why im tryin to keep my pockets
stuffed with hundred dollar bills
i shoulda went to school and got a skill
but it wasnt in my future
so i steal
thats why i got this ruger in your grill

yo yo yo
cracker to chest
is one of the best
feel the force of the full court press
i apply the kiss of death
somethin for real the realness
elliot ness

your select avec took me off the bench
i supposed to lynch
the angel in the edge

you can smell my stench
soldiers in the trench
movin east to west

i gave you a note
you can keep the rest

rip the whole coast
when i heat the flesh
at the greekfest
hit a couple of bars

smash whips an strips
like bumper car
you amongst the Odz
with lies in the Pele
the baby 9
the size of a celly

now its a dilemma
like nelly and kelly
milk perelli taiwa now pullell in a hairy
with a fist of fury

martini wit a terry is very necessary
when i make it to the top
ima pop halle berry
in staten island ferry
where the legends were made

in the staircase
throw a rap grenade
take it back in the day
get clapped
for your chain
“f” the bloodbath
that be the half of the pain
use a high grain bullet
women call em daddy

fishtank shoes
jumped out the caddy
grand finale
yo the champ is here

the cameras glare
under the chandelier
why you standin there
like you can hodl it down
theres nine of us
all of us rock the crown

tear it down
down to the last compound
new york mixed
with a comptown style
go bonkers wild
on your stomping ground
lay down the carpet
when im walkin the island
telephone tune that keep stalkin
the town
four misdemeanors
now goin to trial

secluded in exile
like my sex wild
private jetstyle
whose the livest vet now?
pass me a wet towl
dont get vexed now
ill bring it to your chest when i
let my [edited] out

general more info on wu-tang clan
The Wu-Tang Manual


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