oblivion : salvation

“we never see how bad something is until it utterly destroys us”
what if we can be more than alive
and the whole of existence dead to us

what if your idea of good is
being utterly destroyed

what then

does that mean we refuse to see how good that thing
can be
until we continue on
alive and us
prevented from
the feeling
of that oblivion we seek?

too many of these philsophers and philosophies
reinforce our mental jail cell bars
even in the name of freeing us

the very definition of freedom
was created by enslaved minds

not that there is one way which is right or wrong
but if the whole idea of freedom
only one slice
of the possible ways to view
a subject
an object
a goal
a journey
a destination
or a way to look at it

then that is the very opposite of freedom

it is the rebels themselves who are the greatest tyrants
let them try every freedom
before they choose which one

is the inverse
of their own prison

let them unlock all the doors and gates
to escape the flood of rats

before deciding
which lock to try to open
for centuries
and yet still

if only a little more
there is a door ajar
within us all

and none even think to step in
they would rather kill or kill themselves
than see

an old
a new life