updating soon

a lot has happened
happy to report that all our projects are actually now
moving along a lil
ahead of schedule
which is
… i wish more people would sign up at neopangaia.com
because im at the point where i need to ask you guys what you want

fine i cant?
a planet sized adult rpg

cause no matter WHAT
thats what we an deliver.. a simple one.. or complex
single player or multi
thats what is goin down

the SECOND project will for certain
be everything we hoped for

this first one?
thats what the update will be about
stay tuned

engine: unity
setting: a world of fantasy with orcs drow magic lovecraftians angels demons
time: around 600 years into the future.. a future where
everybody and their mother waged a little ptivate war
as if planet earth became temporarily an intergalactic
and then cooled and quieted to an intergalactic
new york city
post post apocalypse
rebuilding time

whats it like: planet GTA meets call of duty meets world of warcraft
meets star trek online meets star wars old republic
meets the “drow girls gone wild”

how will it start?
see first im going to buidl the world
then im gonna start addign stuff to it
then im gonna let a bunch of anonymous and occupy wall streeters play there
and if they dont whine and hate me.. then its safe for public consumption

thgen im gonna charge for it
because i hate indiegogo and i hate kickstarter
becuse they wont allow me to put an nc17 mmorpg
ontheir sites to raise money for it

id rather work and get

then borrow form the public

THEN the money little bits of money i get from whoever does that
will pay just to buy me the time
since i do every damn thing anyways ..
well.. lots

and then within i PROMISE less than oen year
you will have the planet sized mmo full fo everything amazing and so buddha light bringer awesome
and everything so bdsm tpe slave owning

vampire fucking
vampires draining angels
and then turned into cyborgs
and then waging war on covens
by sexin them to death


school of lightbringer monks
that go to the wartorn and dying lands
of the virtual world
and bring life there create new life save and heal the weak
that are being preyed on by less nice players


if i can stick it in there there will be destructible terrain so when the mad scientist player gets teh super missle
he can actually blow up small cities
that have to be rebuilt
by the reincarnation
of the players that died there
but only after they spend real world weeks of time

working their way back from the land of the dead

teh actual layout of the thems and land
is beign worked on
i dont like theidea of samurai swords versus automatic rifles
even with magic and tech

elysium did it right
i think
cyberpunk too

while i worry abotu the finer points of these things
contemplating just doing it the gygax stan the man way
AND it will soon be back to blogging
game dev.. graphics.. ai .. tech news

yay.. first off to buy smokes.. then
im back on the clock.. sorry i w as away so long
it took me four years to find out i
cannot actually ever have common sense
or understand a damn thing about the real world
let em finish this game already and

make this world better match the game world
so i can fit in


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