what me worry?

when i was a child i simply assumed
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these fingers bind wriggling warm alive
the rope in hand extended tantacular prey handling
no freeze frame distance step by step
sensual seductive will
hungry warm lust
behind each rope each one
a purpose to twist and hold constrict and taste
the rope only extension of lust
already binding waist and neck and cheek to graze
no distant suspension
feel my tension muscles sing
one inch away eye to eye
the art of the rope to taste your skin
only known to your sensations
a blur to onlookers
of the magic in between those millimeters
of owner and owned
no portrait pose
alive moving image

TRULY strange (bdsm mmorpg) days

try to imagine this is text on a bdsm dating site.. written by a no limit 247 dominant.. who happens to be making a bdsm mmorpg.. well no need to imagine… 700,000 of lost wages and cost s so far.. BUT DAMNIT.. it was the coolest thing i could think of… if you know any psychotic hot chicks into bdsm who might live in new york city… YOU TOO can help create the first adult themed virtual planet earth… set according to “modern future and classic rules of the most famous pen and paper rpg”
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