Island Nations

Oceania was a project for establishing an artificially created series of islands in the Carribbean, that would effectively and legally be a new nation.  Although the original project folded, such a project could serve as an example of communal and earth positive technology, society, and business practices. It could become a self-sustaining sovereignty for  research, development, production and relaxation.

It could serve as a location for offshore banking, data storage, resource gathering, and oceanic research. The idea was for the initial $15 million cost to be derived from sales of the virtual planet earth.

The world of the Virtual Planet Earth is a near-future earth where such an artificial nation has been created. A world where technology and humanity have become balanced with the natural world.

In the virtual planet earth, neopangaia is the name of the internet connected global village, but it is also the name of this new man-made nation. A nation built by and for all the people’s of the Earth to explore and evolve free from localized control.

Neo is the ancient Greek word for “new”, while “PanGaia” is a reference to the ancient world which consisted of all the continents of the Earth connected in One super landmass.

This website represents the idea, the technology, the methods, and the businesses that will help to inspire, define and create such a world.

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