updating soon

a lot has happened
happy to report that all our projects are actually now
moving along a lil
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TRULY strange (bdsm mmorpg) days

try to imagine this is text on a bdsm dating site.. written by a no limit 247 dominant.. who happens to be making a bdsm mmorpg.. well no need to imagine… 700,000 of lost wages and cost s so far.. BUT DAMNIT.. it was the coolest thing i could think of… if you know any psychotic hot chicks into bdsm who might live in new york city… YOU TOO can help create the first adult themed virtual planet earth… set according to “modern future and classic rules of the most famous pen and paper rpg”
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Films and Virtual Reality

What happens when you mix mythology, sci-fi, and fantasy in combat? What happens when you try to have AI and rules that can lead to cinematic situations? Deeper adult themes possible if there is more detail given to the cinematic action BETWEEN normal interaction?
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