updating soon

a lot has happened
happy to report that all our projects are actually now
moving along a lil
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unity is definitely the engine
muchdifferent is definitely the networking company for this project and the next couple
an adult zelda meets dungeon and dragons is the game requested..
still researching directions
character tests have been AMAZING
and that was actually my only real concern

Ogre 3d 1.8.1 [Byatis] (and unstable 1.9) released!

Ogre 1.8.1 [Byatis] released!

The first maintenance release for the 1.8 stable branch (codenamed ‘Byatis’) is now available. You can find a list of all the bug fixes after the jump. There have been quite a few, so if you are having trouble with the previous release, check this one out. Maybe your problem has already been fixed. If not, let us know.
Meanwhile, most of this year’s GSoC projects have been merged into the unstable v1-9 branch – which of course you can grab from Mercurial if you want to join us on the bleeding edge.

So far the source releases are ready for download for 1.8.1, the SDK releases are currently being prepared and will be available within the next few days. If you don’t want to wait, give the source release a try :)

source: http://www.ogre3d.org/2012/09/02/ogre-1-8-1-byatis-released
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