TRULY strange (bdsm mmorpg) days

try to imagine this is text on a bdsm dating site.. written by a no limit 247 dominant.. who happens to be making a bdsm mmorpg.. well no need to imagine… 700,000 of lost wages and cost s so far.. BUT DAMNIT.. it was the coolest thing i could think of… if you know any psychotic hot chicks into bdsm who might live in new york city… YOU TOO can help create the first adult themed virtual planet earth… set according to “modern future and classic rules of the most famous pen and paper rpg”
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oblivion : salvation

“we never see how bad something is until it utterly destroys us”
what if we can be more than alive
and the whole of existence dead to us

what if your idea of good is
being utterly destroyed

what then

does that mean we refuse to see how good that thing
can be
until we continue on
alive and us
prevented from
the feeling
of that oblivion we seek?

too many of these philsophers and philosophies
reinforce our mental jail cell bars
even in the name of freeing us

the very definition of freedom
was created by enslaved minds

not that there is one way which is right or wrong
but if the whole idea of freedom
only one slice
of the possible ways to view
a subject
an object
a goal
a journey
a destination
or a way to look at it

then that is the very opposite of freedom

it is the rebels themselves who are the greatest tyrants
let them try every freedom
before they choose which one

is the inverse
of their own prison

let them unlock all the doors and gates
to escape the flood of rats

before deciding
which lock to try to open
for centuries
and yet still

if only a little more
there is a door ajar
within us all

and none even think to step in
they would rather kill or kill themselves
than see

an old
a new life


devil on holiday

what is immortality?

it is the fact that perception of time is subjective
when in deep subspace.. or in an altered or primal state as a dominant, when the art of sensuality and pain.. pleasure and love, and altering the consciousness of the participants through life, words, actions, hints timing mood dialogue syntax protocol.. flesh form energy intensity fear lust

it is the fact that adrenalin and dopamine and other chemicals that are released in the brain, the more a person lives and experiences their dreams, the more they experience their fetishes.. the deeper and longer their bonds.. the deeper and truer their words

the more extreme their life is.. for even the tamest person has extreme dreams..

my subconscious and conscious mind share the same things.. after years of training, pain, experience, apprenticeship, teaching, and hunting

hunting for more skill, creativity, experience within yourself

hunting for masters and teachers, submissives and slaves

to feast on in the flesh, the mind, the heart

and when your pleasure, your will controls their choices

their interests

their beliefs

then you feast on the very soul

for what is the soul?

but the choices we make

choose me and take the first step to letting me

drink deep of your soul

your flesh heart and mind

those i can take

from anyone vanilla or not

if i give them what they need in trade

but the soul

that is the province of free will

give it to me and you give me your life

and know that each and every choice i will crave to possess of you

starting with the choice to become mine

my slave

my wife

my legal property my property of the flesh

and let me take a kiss a cock a mind

a fingertip a razorblade

a tongue

and trace my art my will my letters and lines my symbols

and name

into your skin

one inch a day until

you are a living tapestry

expression of my lust

to possess (spellcheck said poetess, which is also true) every inch of you

remake it


with you in my hands.. the mind that could perceive all things

perceives in that tiny space between us.. driving deep with cock and hands and mind

teeth and tongue will

time slows still the deeper darker hungrier i drive into you

until time slows to stand


the air around the flesh the form

you are simply hungry and alive

heat exploding filling you until

floating in a sea of space



and simply mine

the rest fo existence is faded away

and time is nothing

then slowly forward before again

and again

deeper you drift each day into your own dreams

each day little by liuttle immersed in will

you become that creature that slinked through your dreams

constantly experiencing

tastign savoring

the sensations youc raved

but real and flesh more

deeper than expected

when theya re all that exist

over time

and one year becomes like ten

and ten years is as a hundred

far beyodn the hellraiser box

drunk deep to swoon

from the grail the pandora’s jar

far past hope this dark thing youve swum in

felt it fill inside liek a poison

vampiric awakening stirrings within

that creature you feared stares out through your eyes

once princess instead of devoured

you feel heat as if

devouring dragon

swallow me all with the pain as i stretch you wide





i am not what you expect and care not for what you expected

slinkign aroudn the edges of your world i came to collect

the soul the life

you crave to feel being devoured

until you are nothign

but alive

driftign deeper into subspace

eevry neuron fired and focused navigating

the driver up front takign you deeper



no psychedelics needed

but forevermore altered state of awareness

ya kno

i love two things about myself.. and loathe the rest.. the slave i am to those two things

cognitive science major

genius multimedia artist

i have had a fascination since i was seven

with the archetype that was the inverse of hero

that thing that i saw behind the eyes of my female friends from a young age

i call it the devourer

but unlike Helen of troy or Achilles.. it is so hard to translate into words

a lust that sounds beneath my skin to be like the licking of a flame

the trail of a tigers claws across jail cell bars my ribs holding in a beast you engineered like some mad scientist

the sound of a million razorblades in the wind

each one coming to sing a song to you

til you are red mist in the wind

that wraps around me like a cloak

of armor second skin

this world to me is nothing

but the linen

made of wriggling bodies

the pillows

we rape each other on to oblivion

andnothign more

all its science all its art

all its metaphysics

each one a nut a bolt a piece

of the engine i have become

the machine

liek shark

cravign to devour

to reshape

every part of you

and make it into a creature

like me

wet hungry hot



for the spectrum of all things

simply in the rape the chase the squeeze

let me dehumanize degrade

rebuild you to match that creature you dreamt

would belong to a master a dominant

with no limits

to what he would do

or what he could do

could engineeer

could crave

could have experienced

each thing each action

matched and mated

to a rhythm and a style

a heat

a presence

learned more from animals

than the lesbian dommes street soldiers shamans

and corporate sharks that designed it over the years

designed me not to fuck to touch to lust

until i know your legs your mind your heart are open wide for me to feast

on your choice.. your soul..

your all or nothing