VR Console Concept

The “Alpha”.. The most powerful gaming system on Earth


The “Alpha” is inspired by companies like Ferrari, Porsche and Lockheed Martin. In planning and preproduction for over ten years, we targeted this console generation for launch.

We fill a market niche for truly cinematic interactive entertainment. A symbiosis between optimized software and customized hardware for a NEXT generation experience.

The “Alpha” a includes a high end gaming/workstation, but also contains the most powerful console ever. We searched the whole world for the perfect design to bring it to life.

The award winning designer Matthew Kim is designing a new masterpiece based on “The Great White” [seen here].


Open World Cinematic Virtual Reality” is what this machine was designed for. The XBox One and PS4 are great consoles. Gaming PC’s are also amazing now, but the power of modern rigs is not being used by the games made.

We could sell amazing gaming rigs alone, but by designing the hardware around the software and creating software specifcally for the hardware, we can offer the ultimate experience.


-The Intel socket 2011 offers CPU power, bandwidth for memory, graphics and CUDA, while keeping costs low 12 months from now.

-The 8 TeraFLOPS of DirectX 11 realtime graphics power in the “Titan Z” [first “Alpha” uses two Titan Black Superclocked GPUs in SLI mode.] offers all the power needed to use that bandwidth, along with “double precision” capability, necessary for true cinematic graphics in realtime.

-An additional Titan Black Superclocked for CUDA and Physics.

-The Milspec ASUS SABRETOOTH Z87 Motherboard.

-For a blazing fast operation, 750GB Samsung SSD.

NEC 29″ WideScreen for immersive virtual experience.


Just like a regualr console, we develop in house titles and have strict guidelines to bear the “Alpha” seal on your game: Beyond PC, beyond console.

The launch title is being designed specifcally for this hardware. A futuristic shooter with truly Hollywood levels of Phsyics, CGI, and detail. Based on Unreal Engine 4 environments and content customized to really push the “Alpha” hardware.

Titan powered physics, oceans, and other effects that push PC technology far beyond anything a studio or other console could.

Like the Neo Geo, each title ships on a “cartridge” that is actually an SSD or small HDD, which can be Terabyte+ in size. This will allow the install size limitations of standard titles to fall away. Quality control and our branding is heps to prevent lazy “ports”.

We specialize in adult titles mixed with cinematic detail.

Two Sides to Every Story

Half PC half superconsole, the Operating System for the “console” half will be Windows derived OS, cut down and optimized [similar to SteamOS or any other console interface].

The “Alpha” is the ultimate home/gaming machine, made by super geeks. This is meant to provide the ultimate interactive realtime graphics, plus an amazing PC for productivity and development.

The Operating System for the PC side will be a heavily Customized Windows 8.1, gorgeous, streamlined, with all of the customizations and addons Gamers will need [or drool over].

New Console Level?

The aim of this console is to provide a TRUE virtual reality experience that is in between a Movie and the most lifelike PC games.

The launch title and custom operating systems will be released March, 2015. But the custom hardware with it’s amazing case design, along with free Alpha and Beta Access to all our in house titles and updates for the life of the system.

We got the best case designer on Earth and Microsft’s largest OS customizer to sign on. Our in house titles will be relased once per year, with the first post-launch title expected within a year of launch.

Each title is developed from the ground up to take advantage of every part of the “Alpha” console. We encourage other develoeprs to get on board and start releasing tiles form the next NEXT generation, today. My twenty years in project management have allwed me to develop a unique mangement style that allows our in house teams to develop detailed immersive lifelike titles in fractioosn of the time and cost fo the large studios.

This console delivers TRUE “Nvidia Graphcs Demo” level cinematic quality in games you can PLAY. Each title is tuned to use the maximum capability of the game engines involved.

Double Precision

The Nvidia Titan is in between a Workstation class graphics card and a gamer one. It has full “double precision” whcich will allow unprecedented cinema quality terrain, physics, and distances.

Each of our titles gets free updates for life, so we can constantly add the very newest graphics effects, and monthly content updates to expand the game world and add new elements [like multiplayer and eventual MMORPG capability]

The launch title will grow over time to be a true virtual planet Earth. The double precision and Titan powered phsyics will allow detail even the best PC games can’t touch, while new lighting technologies will be instantly retrofitted into the engine.

This is a console that ALSO has the powers of a super computer gaming workstation, BUT it is still a console. As technology updates, we will upgrade the system ourselves, providing free shipping and handling.

Consider us a company that brings the Apple level of quality to Windows PCs and the Hollywood level of CGI to the console world.

Plays well with others

Think of this machine as friendly member of the same organic family as the PS4 and XBox One, but their Racer X bigger brother.

As gamers, we love the XBox One and Sony PS4 as much as YOU do. So expect both th e high end gamign PC sisde, and the highest end console side to come already READY to play well with the other parts of your home entertainment. From TV to Android Phone, to Tablet, to iPad, to Cable.

This system will come with apps for every device, as well as applications that make sharing and interoperating with them a peice of cake.

It has it’s own messaging app, as well as live online gamer data and other elements. We compete against noone, so expect all your favorite services to be installed.

For those who have specifc goals, we will in the future be offering “Developer,” “Designer” and “Gamer” systems preconfigured [with “application packs” along with cusomized OS for each version].

For now we need funding to finish all the software and operating system components for the ULTIMATE gaming experience. Also the time and equipment to finish the launch title.

“Alpha” Hardware Available NOW!!!!

No experience can compare or prepare ..

Havent you ever wished there was a company like apple for the HARD CORE GEEKS and GAMERS… ?

Love windows gaming, but want a more streamlined experience? Love the POWER and potential of high end rigs, but wish there were games that took ADVANTAGE of all that power?

Buy now!!

Support  a world where the space between film and games.. is not empty!

more details forthcoming..


P.S. – profits from this system go to projects to provide food and water and shelter to the disadvantaged.

Designed for use with Oculus Rift


– “Alpha” is a Windows Gaming Machine with Apple Beauty and F22 Power
– Handcrafted High End Gaming Workstation with Optimized Windows 8.1 OS
– Prototype Hardware: “Alpha One” Titan Z based “Cinematic” Game Console [launch May 2015]
*Receive dual boot upgrade to the “Alpha OS” and Unreal Engine 4 launch title on 500GB SSD*

Custom “Great White” hand made case and construction by Matthew Kim
-EVGA Titan Black Superclocked x2 (SLI) for GPU
-EVGA Titan Black Superclocked for CUDA/Physics
-ASUS SABRETOOTH Z87 Military Grade Socket 1150 Motherboard
-Intel Core i7 4771 Haswell 3.5GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) LGA 1150 Quad Core CPU
-32GB Performance DDR3
-I-ROCKS KR-6402-WH Aluminum 109 Keys PC KB
-Mad Catz RAT 9 Wireless Gaming Mouse White
-Beautiful and efficient KWI Power Supply
-Custom designed air cooling system and case

-All Units are hand made and customized.
-Please allow 4 weeks for manufacture.

-all profits go to humanitarian efforts


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